Gary Smith, Insurance Broker, Sonoma County

About Bear Flag

Bear Flag Insurance is a boutique insurance brokerage specializing in understanding and advocating for client needs above all else. We help individuals, families, and businesses to identify and achieve their goals. Bear Flag is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to maintain a healthy life and invest in your future.

Gary Smith, revered insurance advocate and founder of Bear Flag Insurance, has been licensed in Sonoma County for over 30 years demonstrating a history of outstanding service to his clients. On numerous occasions, Sonoma County Medical Association physicians recommended Gary for the association’s endorsement, due to his excellent service to their patients, their families and/or themselves. Gary was one of only five people endorsed by the S.C.M.A. in 50 years.

Education: U.C. Berkeley, Bachelor of Arts


The Bear Flag Legacy

Gary Smith’s great great grandmother worked to design the Grizzly Bear Flag which was raised in Sonoma, California, in June of 1846. His great great grandmother, a veracious humanitarian sought the best for all that she encountered, often putting others interests above her own. This inspired Gary to use Bear Flag as the company name and this legacy of his great great grandmother rings true to this day in the core values that Bear Flag Insurance stands for.

What I bring to the table

  • I serve Sonoma County and surrounding areas, making me a one-stop-shop for your insurance needs.
  • I am available and on-call at all hours to help you. In fact, it’s my full-time job to make sure you’re satisfied.
  • I customize marketing strategies for each property I sell, making sure the word is out and maximized around the community.
  • I use analytics to derive the best market price for your home, taking out any guesswork.
  • I match buyers and sellers with MLS property searches, hosting the newest listings on my site.
  • I am local to the Invergrove area, so I know the community like the back of my hand. Forging rich connections to community members, I am always in the know when it comes to new listings.
  • I don’t prescribe to old-school real estate techniques. In fact, I take an innovative approach to meet the needs of the clients I serve through changing (and sometimes challenging) times.
  • I am educated in a range of aspects of real estate, including the legalese, marketing, interior design, landscaping, and all local building codes.
  • Hundreds of homeowners have trusted me with buying or selling since 1996. See for yourself.
  • Unlike other realtors, I work tirelessly behind the scenes on your behalf. My work is not done until the sale is complete!

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